Monthly Archives: October 2023

Oates Cup Results 28/10/23

1st Marc Erentz 41Pts £54.00 2nd Michael Wilden 41Pts £48.60 3rd Stephen Mullaney 40Pts £43.20 4th Paul Williams 40Pts £37.80 5th Peter Caddies 40Pts £32.40 15 two’s at £4.30

Weekly Stableford Results 16th-22nd October:

Weekly Stableford Mon-Sun (Ladies) 1st Diane Westmoreland 37PTS £6.00 Weekly Stableford Mon-Thurs (Gent’s) 1st Nick Sykes 37Pts £27.00 1 Two at £8.10.

Harris Trophy (Medal Winner’s) and Weekly Stableford Results 15/10/23

Harris Trophy: 1st Glyn Andrews Net71 £23.40 2nd Glynn Cooper Net72 £15.60 No Two’s Weekly Stableford Fri-Sun: 1st Jack Archer 41Pts £33.60 2nd Richard Huby 36Pts £25.20 3rd Liam Mcfadyen 35Pts £16.80 4th Scott Croucher 34Pts £8.40 3 Two’s at … Read More

Sandal BMW Cup 15/10/23

1st Kyle Cleobury & Neil Cleobury 45Pts £50.40 2nd Matthew Hayes & Stephen Swap 41Pts £37.80 3rd Jim Douglas & Stephen Hewitt 40Pts £22.20 4th Stephen Foster & Stephen Frost 39Pts £12.60 6 Two’s at £12.60 each Honourable mention Damian … Read More

Weekly Stableford Mon-Thurs 9/10/23

1st Jack Owen 36Pts £24.00 No Two’s

Ryder Bogey Comp and Weekly Stableford Results

Ryder Bogey: 1st David Oxley 2Pts £32.40 2nd Michell Goodlad 2Pts £24.30 3rd Tom Sealey 1Pts £16.20 4th Jack Owen 1Pts £8.10 3 Two’s £8.10 each Weekly Ladies Stableford Mon-Sun: 1st Michelle Harrison 31Pts £14.40 2nd Diane Buxton 31Pts £9.60 … Read More

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