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Course Winter Works Programme

The green staff will soon be starting their winter works programme. A variety of projects are being undertaken including:

Re-astroturfing the 12th pot bunker and two bunkers on the 15th. A company called ‘Ecobunkers’ is assisting with this work; it is scheduled to start on the 28th of November.

Building and repairing steps.

Lifting of tree canopies around the course and cutting back some tree canopies to improve light and air flow around the tees.

Maintenance work on the buggy paths.

Gorse bushes on the 10th will be taken out and this area will be seeded, and trees planted.

Removing tree stumps.

Maintenance on the irrigation system, such as new taps and repairing any bursts in the pipes.

Grass tee maintenance programme of deep slitting, verti draining, sorrel rolling, brushing, cutting and top dressing with a 70/30 sand and soil mix.

Driving range target installation and additional netting.

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