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Course News – 3rd July 2023

This week the green staff will be carrying out the following jobs on the golf course:

Greens work

1) Sorrel rolling and shallow slitting, this is to improve airflow within the surface of the green.

2) The air2g2 will be on the greens this week, this helps to relieve compaction. Whilst the greenkeepers are working on each green, a flag will be placed in the fairway, for handicap purposes would players please put 2 points (nett par) for this hole.

3) K-step will be applied, this is a granular fertiliser, to keep the plant strong.

4)A wetting agent will be also sprayed on the greens, to help water pass through the profile.

General Course work:

1)The fairways will be sprayed with a selective weed killer, providing that the weather conditions are suitable.

2)General cutting.

Volunteers work:

Carrying on with the natural fencing.
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