The Hollies

Hole # 9
Par 4 334 Yards Stroke Index: 11

The Hollies

As you complete the front 9 and the half-way house is near, this par four’s sensible play is an iron or hybrid off the tee to leave a high iron or wedge to the green. Out of Bounds left and the chance of being blocked out on the right will punish you if you try to hit the driver and fail. Get it right though and you will be left with a very short second shot and the perfect opportunity to give yourself a birdie chance.

  • BLUE: 351 Yards
  • WHITE: 334 Yards
  • YELLOW: 323 Yards
  • RED: 289 Yards

Tee shot slightly down right-hand side as fairway cambers from right to left. You do not want to miss your 2nd shot down the left as it leaves a very tricky chip shot.

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