Hole 16 – The Squires Grave

The Squires Grave

Hole # 16
Par 5 524 Yards Stroke Index: 04

The Squires Grave

The final par 5 of the round and a fairway that slopes from left to right. A cluster of large trees on the right can catch even a slightly offline tee shot and block out your 2nd shot. It then plays uphill to the green. Walk off the green with a 5 and that will please most golfers.

  • BLUE: 524 Yards
  • WHITE: 542 Yards
  • YELLOW: 498 Yards
  • RED: 446 Yards

” Tough tee shot should be aimed slightly down the left as fairway cambers severely from left to right. 2nd shot needs to be positioned to avoid fairway bunker. Straight forward 3rd shot to a slightly elevated green but be careful of going long.”

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