Stubbs Wood

Hole # 15
Par 3 172 Yards Stroke Index: 16

Stubbs Wood

Enjoy this secluded par 3 as you are now right on the course boundary before you start to make your way back to the clubhouse. A straightforward par 3 but trouble right off the tee and any long tee shots you will be left with a tricky 2nd shot. A solid shot to the middle of the green is all that is needed here.

  • BLUE: 172 Yards
  • WHITE: 172 Yards
  • YELLOW: 165 Yards
  • RED: 150 Yards

” Again, all about club selection and pin position on this hole. Wherever the pin is aim to the middle of the green as missing this green leaves a tricky chip or bunker shot. Par 3 is a good score as it is easy to make 4, 5 or worse.”

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