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Course News – Week beginning 13th February

* General cutting.

* Solid tining, sorrel rolling, shallow slitting and rolling  the greens. This will open the surface to allow air into the profile, helping to dry the greens. This work has minimal disturbance to the green surface.

* Top dressing the greens, to help with trueness.

* Sorrel rolling, shallow slitting and deep slitting the tee tops, collars and approaches.

* Top dressing tee tops collars and approaches. This helps to keep the surface level.

* Moving the logs and branches from the side of 18 and 17 if there is a frost.

* The volunteer’s this week will be cutting back brambles and tree whips around the 2nd and 3rd tee area.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the golfers for keeping up with the bunkers after we opened them for play last week.

Thanks from the greens staff.  

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