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Course News – 12th June

The greens staff will be carrying out the following work this week:

* Ninja tining the greens, from Tuesday 13th June.

* General cutting, will be reduced due to the dry weather.

* Watering the dry patches on the greens, please be patient with the green staff
  whilst this work is being carried out.

Ninja tining is a 4mm micro core which removes organic matter and thatch. Thatch is a layer of organic material of dead grass and roots which forms between the grass surface and the soil, thatch can prevent essential nutrients and water reaching the soil. Ninja tining allows the turf to expand, aerates the surface and helps to prevent disease. The design of the ninja tines allow immediate playability with minimal disruption to the greens.

* If there is a flag on the fairway on the hole we are working on please take two
  points for that hole.

* The volunteers will be continuing to work on the natural fencing at the back of
  the 15th.

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